At Stars Solutions we are hospitality industry professionals with over 30 years of combined hands on food service experience and knowledge, All Instructors have a minimum of a masters degree, industry professional certifications and a dedication to promoting the hospitality industry and food safety.

Our purpose is not only to get you ServSafe Certified, but to give you the knowledge to educate your employees, to enable them to protect your guests and your business. The average cost to a company for a verified foodborne illness is about $75,000 and the damage to your good name may be even more devastating!

Adult Employee need to know not only what to do but why we do it if you expect them to follow proper procedures consistently. We are dedicated to giving you the knowledge to educate them and answer their food safety questions accurately.

Please don't let someone teach you how to just pass a test, be sure that you are getting the knowledge you need to be a successful hospitality industry professional.


 Ed Nestor Lead Instructor

Mr. Nestor has a master’s degree in hospitality management and has completed the course work towards a PhD. in hospitality education. He is certified as a Food Management Professional (FMP) by the National Restaurant Association and is a Certified ServSafe Instructor and Proctor.

In addition to teaching hospitality courses at The University of Central Florida and The Le Cordon Bleu Culinary program, Mr. Nestor has been responsible for food service operations at The White House, The Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) and The National Aquarium in Baltimore among many others. He brings with him a love of and a dedication to continuous life long learning and to the sharing of his professional knowledge of the food service industry with all that wish to increase their professional abilities.


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